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What to call the "FSINF" in English (and a "Fachschaft", in general)?

Since there seems to be no definite answer, here are some ideas (mainly taken from the LEO discussion pages on this topic [1]):


  • Student Union / Students' Union
  • Student Council / Students' Council
  • Student Body (this apparently refers to all of the students in a curriculum)
  • Student Representatives
  • Student Representative Body
  • Board of Students

FSINF (these are just made-up suggestions that are not official and were never given blessing to by an "FSS"):

  • Student Union (for) Computer Science (SUCS)
  • Informatics Student Council of the Vienna University of Technology (ISCVUT) or variations thereof (VUTSCI, SCIVUT, ...)
  • Computer Science Student Council (CSSC), Student Council for Computer Science (SCCS) | Informatics Student Council (ISC)

Also note the very fine line between Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Informatics (we should actually use either Computer Science & Engineering or Informatics).

Feel free to contribute :).