Master Media and Human-Centered Computing

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This page is a work in progress.

Please note that this wiki is an unofficial source of information. There are currently no official translations of the curricula for any programs and anyone is able to edit this wiki. The aim is to provide accurate information, but errors and discrepancies may still occur. If in doubt, check in with fsinf or the dean of studies and don’t rely on this wiki.


This page covers the curriculum for Media and Human-Centered Computing as of October 1st 2019. If you started studying this program before October 2019, some of the information below may not apply to you.

For information on how to start studying Media and Human-Centered Computing at TU Wien, refer to the Admissions Office.

To complete this study program, at least 120 ECTS worth of courses need to be completed. This includes:

  • mandatory courses in the foundation track (33 ECTS)
  • elective courses in other tracks (at least 48 ECTS)
  • elective courses and transferable skills (at least 9 ECTS)
  • the diploma thesis (30 ECTS)

Courses (Lehrveranstaltungen) are grouped into modules covering specific areas. In general, courses only contribute to the completion of the study program if the corresponding module has been completed. Some modules may contain only a single course to be completed, while others require the completion of some or all courses within the module.

Each module is assigned to one or several tracks (Prüfungsfächer) that focus on different areas of Human-Centered Computing. Most tracks have one mandatory module that needs to be completed in order to be able to use other modules from that track for study progress.

For more information on the availability of specific courses or to sign up, refer to TISS.


Elective Tracks

Interactive Media

Interaction Design

Vision & Visualisation

Critical Reflection

Emergent Technologies

Transferable Skills

Freie Wahl und Transferable Skills

Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis How to graduate