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Please add courses in the following format, so that they show up in the overview:

=== {{course post corona
|name = Pandemic survival for beginners VU
|lecture  = <audio|video|documents|postponed|unknown>
|exercise = <online|offline|postponed|unknown>
|exams    = <online|offline|postponed|unknown>
}} ===

course responses with source & date
there are audio recordings (and probably documents)
there are video recordings or streams (and probably documents)
there are no audio or video recordings but documents are provided
till after the Easter holiday
unknown (?)
the course team has not made this clear or we don't know if we will still be on lockdown

For postponed and unknown you can specify when the lecture is planned to start with e.g. |lecture start = 2020-04-16

If the whole course will not take place this semester, please mark it with |cancelled = true.

Feel free to highlight bullshit excuses ;)


Human Robot Interaction VU[edit]

the lecturers created the course with proper distance learning concepts from the start.

theory inputs were provided in the form of slides and short lecture videos; we had to read about 1 scientific paper per week (provided by the lecturers) and write a reading reflection about it, which was then discussed in the next session; group exercise was adapted to be conducted in distance mode (online surveys instead of lab experiments)