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Todós - Zeitungsprojekt[edit | edit source]

Todós has its own wiki and website.

Name[edit | edit source]

  • Todós is the (Discordian) Godthing of Procrastination (gender assigned: all)
    • The knowledge of this has been brought to us by Aaron, who is a worshipper
    • We chose this as a first working title for our new project, first because we needed a name
and second because a lot of us can identify themselves with this name and third because one root for starting this project is procrastination ^^

The Project[edit | edit source]

Well, how did it start....in short:

last week at our Fachschaftssitzung we bore this idea and so suddenly it was there.
in the room.
among us.
breathing and feeding form our spontaneous energy.
well and we thought, what a brilliant idea to make a university magazine in cooperation with other Fachschaften;
with topics that are diverse and a bit controversial;

And so it happened that we had our first editorial meeting last Friday (20.1.2012).